Extra Credit

You can earn up to 30 points of extra credit per quarter. 
Each item is worth up to 10 points each. 
You may do three total. 
You may mix-n-match from the two options below. Your options:

I. Attend a government meeting (school board, city council, etc.); have the agenda signed by one of the officials; turn it in with your name on it; and tell us what occurred and your impressions of it. Bingo, 10 points.

How do you find out when/where they are? Why, the internet, of course.
Google "escanaba city council meetings" or "ford river township board meetings" etc.


II. Read and Write

A. Read an article of at least 500 words about your subject (Govt./Econ or Psych.). Go online. . .
1. For gov./econ I recommend realclearpolitics.com.
2. For psych, go to psychologytoday.com or psypost.org

B. Format your paper according to MLA format. Cite the article properly according to MLA format.

C. Write at least one page typed of your thoughts regarding what you read. Use paragraphs! English always matters, everywhere you go.
  1. Summarize: spend no more than three sentences on summary. If I want to know more, I'll read the article itself.
  2. Write some thoughts. Think about how what you read might affect your life or others' lives; its implications for (possible effects on) the future, etc. Are there biases in the article? Do you have any emotional reactions to it?

Be organized. Use coherent paragraphs. Don't just ramble.

D. Each is up to 10 points., based on how well you do.