Govt/Econ 2019-20


Hello! To help us be safe, Escanaba Schools will be using Google Classroom instead of meeting in person. I am new at it. I will post work BEGINNING THE WEEK OF APRIL 6th.


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    Article about the federal reserve buying up things to inject money into the economy. Monetary policy, yo.

    WEEK 9: 1st Week of Home Schooling

    Hello! I sincerely hope you and yours are well! 

    Here's an article about China and the future of globalism. We and the rest of the world might be done trusting a police-state (i.e. not a liberal democracy) to make all our stuff incl. our meds. When the poop hits the fan, other countries are gonna take care of their own before they take of us, for sure! Just read this for fun now. We're figuring out what we can require of you all while at home.



    QUARTER THREE (3)  . . .

    WEEK 8

    Fri., 3/13:

    Get study guide for E4.1-4

    Get and do E4.4, about trade policy. Do and show me ASAP.

    OPEN TOPIC JOURNAL: Anything besides virus and doom

    Thurs., 3/12: Get E4.3 about absolute v. comparative advantage
    Write your thoughts about the coronavirus. 
    Is things-shutting-down an overreaction or smart?
    Mr. Trump's response/speech? Reassuring?
    Possible effects on the economy, incl. locally?

    Weds., 3/11: Get E4.2, economic systems.
    no journal

    Tues., 3/10: ice, ice baby

    Mon., 3/9: Get Get E4.1, do and show me, on why nations are different in their wealth.
    JOURNAL: [not 1st hour]
    Pros and cons of the future of driverless vehicles and lack of car-ownership.
    Which is stronger, the pro's or cons?
    Do you welcome or dread this new future? (Or in between?)

    Week 7

    Fri., 3/6: TEST on E3.
    JOURNAL: What are your thoughts on lizard people running the government? Do you believe in it? Anyone you think is a lizard?
    Talk about some other conspiracies. Weirdest ones, any you actually believe in?
    Make up your own conspiracy theory. It can be somewhat believable or very outlandish.

    Thurs., 3/5: JOURNAL:
    The Federal Reserve: working on the money supply to keep the economy "calm" but growing.
    • What do you think of this Keynesian mode? Good to use human ingenuity to avoid inflation/recessions?
    • Or is it hubris (arrogance) and we should let a free market sort itself out?
    • The govt. will keep borrowing (via bonds) b/c it knows the Fed will buy them up with made-up money. What does that make you think/feel? Scary/stupid? Ok cuz we've always been in debt and here we still are? What do you, O future voter, think?

    Weds., 3/4: Get study guide for test on Fri. on E3.1-5
    Get and do practice that looks like a roller coaster.
    Get E3.5 on global factors affecting macroeconomics.

    Tues., 3/3: Get and do E3.4. Good luck. Hardest stuff all year. Read it two or three times, seriously. Show me when done. I'd watch this POWERPOINT if I were you or you'll get a bunch wrong on next week's test. Also this crash course video will help you learn it, too:

    Mon., 3/2: JOURNAL    WEEK SEVEN!
    Your experiences and/or thoughts/feelings about paying taxes? (Include sales tax, gas tax, as well as income.) Is it a good thing? Are they too high? Too low?
    Any experiences and/or thoughts/feelings about government spending? (You may include state and local spending as well as federal.)

    WEEK 6

    Fri., 2/28 

    1. Explore the above links.
    2. Write about some jobs you're interested and their "outlook" (future openings) and what that tells you about the future for that occupation.
    3. Also write about the chance of that or other occupations being automated in 20 years.

    Thurs., 2/27 Get and do E3.2. Show me when done.

    Weds., 2/26: Get and do E3.1 about goals of the US economy and how the govt. measures it.

    Tues., 2/25: 
    JOURNAL: BASED on yesterday's viewing:
    • Instead of rating the film, give Mr. Jobs an overall rating as a human being from one to five stars and explain why.
    • Here's a famous quote. Write if you agree or not, and why; and what it makes you think about your future.
    "Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it."
    • Or try this one:
    "My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time."

    • With small computers, tablets, and pocket app devices, Steve Jobs assisted in our becoming way more technological in our daily lives. Was this a good thing? Explain.
    • What is a lesson you can take from the life of Mr. Jobs?
    If absent, journal about a business story in the news.

    Mon., 2/24 JOBS Day III; no time for journal, we'll do it tomorrow.

    WEEK 5

    Fri., 2/21: JOBS DAY II
    • Think about a trade-off Mr. Jobs made. What did he give up? What did he gain? Evaluate the trade.
    • Any other germane (on point) thoughts/feelings?
    • Mr. Jobs created a great business and products, but had some serious flaws as a person. Do the achievements outweigh his failings; or should he have been a "better person," even if it hurt his business success?
    • What sort of lessons can you take from what you've seen so far, or gathered from other sources about Mr. J?

    If absent, journal about a business story in the news.

    Thurs., 2/20: 
    • Mr. Jobs is often thought of as a lone visionary, dreaming up and creating things by himself. How does this movie confirm or contradict that image that many people have?
    • "What it represents is as important as what it is." Do you perceive that idea in any Apple products you know of?
    • What personal qualities did Mr. Jobs have that would lead to success in creating and producing products?
    • Assuming the movie is accurate in its portrayal, what do you find admirable in Mr. Jobs so far; what do you dislike?
    • Etc.
    If absent, journal about a business story in the news.

    Weds., 2/19 TEST

    TUES! 2/18 
    • Get last practice on E2.1-3
    • Get and do practice.

    JOURNAL: Read article about shaming people who don't pay their taxes.
    This is a "persuasive essay." 
    1. What is the authors' main point? 
    2. Explain how well they make their case. You can copy a sentence or two to help support your opinion.
    3. If you were a legislator in Lansing, would you vote to do tax shaming here in Michigan as the authors describe?
    - Some other way? - Social media?
    - Or not at all?
    Explain why/not. . . .

    Mon., no school

    WEEK 4

    Fri.: COLD DAY

    Thurs., 2/13: Valentine's Day tomorrow.
    What do you trade away? What do you gain?
    Compare. you to other people you know of
    Overall is it a good thing economically (NOT just in terms of $ -- all costs, all benefits).

    Weds., 2/12
    JOURNAL: Get article on soda tax in Berkeley, CA.
    This is an article about two cities voting on whether to correct the externality of obesity, by taxing soda.
    1. A majority of a city and its government trying to improve the health of its people: is that a valid function of government? Explain why/not and why you're righter than someone who would oppose you.
    2. What do you think about using tax to decrease a behavior ("sin tax")?
    3. What do you think about the beverage industry focusing on low-income folks to get them to vote "no'? Immoral? Or, simply smart business?
    4. Should we do something similar in our great state of Michigan to fight obesity? Explain why/not.

    Tues., 2/11  Colonial House Ep 08: LINK

    Mon., 2/10 Get and do E2.1: About government involvement in the "free market."

    Watch Gov. Whitmer's response to Mr. Trump's State of the Union.
    • How does the setting compare to the SOTU?
    • Compare Mrs. Whitmer's demeanor (posture/manner/bearing etc.) to Mr. T's.
    • Write some thoughts about her words/thoughts?
    • Other thoughts you'd like to add . . . 

    WEEK THREE (3)

    Fri., 2/7: JOURNAL: OPEN TOPIC: really, anything your heart desires that is appropriate for school. Enjoy.

    Thurs., 2/6 Go on youTube and find Mr. Trump's recent State of the Union speech. View from his entrance into the chamber through at least 15 minutes into the speech.

    JOURNAL : 
    • What do you think about all the ceremony?
    • What do you think of all the applauding (or non-applauding by some)?
    • Of Mr. T's demeanor (posture/manner/bearing etc.)?
    • Of his words/thoughts?
    • Of Ms. Pelosi's demeanor, actions, etc.
    • Misc. thoughts you'd like to add . . . 

    Weds., 2/5: TEST, E1.1-4

    Tues., 2/4: Get practice sheet, do and show me.

    Get Doritos Locos article and read.
    JOURNAL: Write interesting, coherent thoughts about all that went into the Doritos taco.
    Tie it into the "Invisible Hand of the Market.
    Evaluate some of their other experimental products on the graph on p.2. Do you agree or disagree with where they're placed on the graph?
    Can you think of some new product mashup that would appeal to lots of buyers?

    Mon., 2/3: Get E1.4, do and show me. Watch crash course economics on youtube, the ep about "market" if you need more instruction.

    WEEK TWO (2)

    Fri.,  1/31! TRADING DAY #1
    So, how'd it go?
    • Choosing what to bring
    • The advertising process
    • What you got in return
    • Who brought the best stuff?
    • At least one lesson learned
    IF ABSENT, Journal how trading played a part of wherever you were or what you did.

    Thurs., 1/30: Get and do  E1.3, Law of Demand, do and show me.

    FUN-TIMES JOURNAL!! Write a story about the law of supply OR the law of demand.
    1. Make up a character: a farmer or business person who makes or supplies something.
    2. Then the price goes up or down for some reason.
    3. Then how does that affect the supply of it; OR people's demand for it?
    4. Then what happens?
    5. Be fun, creative, and appropriate for school. Make sure to give your farmer or maker a name and some flair.

    Weds., 1/29: Get E1.2 about Law od Supply, do and show me.

    Tues., 1/28: Get E1.1 and a half  about prices; do; and show me.
    JOURNAL: Your experience with prices: High prices you've paid; good deals you've gotten (low price); if you've ever had to set a price when selling something. Etc.

    Mon., 1/27: Get and do E1.1, Microeconomic basics. Do and show me.

    WEEK ONE (1)

    Thurs., 1/23: QUIZ on 12.1-2
    JOURNAL: OK, it looks like I haven't asked you this yet:
    What do you make of this whole impeachment and trial thing?
    • Needed to keep a president from being above the law and becoming a tyrant?
    • Big witch-hunt?
    • Something else or in the middle?
    • Should the trial involve witnesses?
    • Etc. etc. Try not to just vent but have rational thoughts with support.

    Tues., 1/21 JOURNAL
    Go to any reputable news site not named Google (try,,,
    • Poke around the site, do some clicking; find a story related to US foreign policy. NOT just any foreign story will do; it must intersect/connect with the US somehow).

    • Read the story.
    • In journal, copy the headline, and summarize in no more than two sentences. 

    • Then discuss how the issue could affect the US somehow.
    • Do this as many times as you need for the word count you desire. 

    Mon., 1/20: Get and do 12.1

    JOURNAL Write some things you'd like to accomplish or contribute by the end of this school year; 
    and what behaviors you'll need to change, maintain, or eliminate; 
    in ANY of the following life areas:
    • friends/relationship  • work  • family  • spiritual  • financial  • academics  • other

    WEEK NINE (9)

    Weds. 1/8: open study time

    Tues., 1/7: open study day, nothing new

    Mon., 1/6: OK, NOW write about times you've been accused unjustly. 
    • What happened; who accused you; what was the outcome?
    • To what extent did you get to use any of the rights guaranteed if you're accused by the government? (E.g., confront witnesses, not speak, call witnesses, no cruel/unusual, etc. etc. . . .)
    • Anything else re. this topic

    WEEK EIGHT (8)

    Fri., 1/3: Get and do 7.7 about rights of the accused and punished.
    Get practice sheet on amendments II - X.

    THURS., 1/2 activity you don't have to do 

    WEEK SEVEN (7)

    10 years from now (2029), what is your ideal-yet-realistic life?
    • Family?
    • Work?
    • Residence (place)?
    • Faith?
    • Fun?
    • Etc., etc.?

    Thurs., 12/19: 
    Activity: Get Esky's Search and Seizure Policy.
    On a separate sheet, write 
    • 3 things about it that seem decent to good.
    • 3 things that seem meh to sketchy.
    • 3 questions that it raises in your mind.

    Full sentences or bullet points are fine.

    Weds., 12/18
    Get NJ v. TLO case
    • In your own words, summarize what led up to the case.
    • Then summarize in your own words each side's "argument." (Its rationale and what it wanted.)
    • Then tell how you would have voted as a Supreme Court justice, based on the Fourth (and 14th) Amendments. (I.e., Was this an "unreasonable" search the Fourth Amendment protects us from? Explain.)
    • Acknowledge the opposing view and explain why your view is better.

    Tues., 12/17: Get, read, and do 7.6 about the Fourth Amendment (search and seizure).
    No journal.

    Mon., 12/16: 
    Get and do 7.5, about the Second Amendment.
    Arming Teachers: 
    • Write three pros you can think of or the article mentions.
    • Write three cons.
    • Which are bigger, the pros or cons? If you were in the Michigan legislature, would you vote to allow armed teachers/school personnel? Why/not?
    • If not for arming teachers (and that's fine) what changes would you like, to keep us safe?

    WEEK SIX (6)

    Regarding a snow day: what do you give up or lose, or what negatives are there?
    • What do you gain, or what positives are there?
    Evaluate yesterday overall regarding costs/benefits and give it a grade; explain why.

    Thurs., SNOW DAY

    Weds., 12/11: nothing to make up

    Tues., 12/10: Get 7.4 on assembly and petition rights.
    JOURNAL about 
    a) any sort of protest or rally you've ever been in, or witnessed: what it was about and/or how it went
    b) any recent news: thoughts and possible implications (affects on the future)
    *** 5th HOUR: You get a pass on this: either write "6/7" in your notebook; or write on this topic if you want the 7, for 150+ words.

    Mon.,  12/9: Get Kuhlmeier case handout.
    • Summarize in 2-3 sentences what led up to the case.
    • Then condense/summarize the arguments for each side.
    • Explain how you would have voted, and why.
    • Considering that we need order in school, evaluate how well you as students are treated regarding both rights and privileges.

    WEEK FIVE (5)

    Fri., 12/6: Get and do 7.3 about speech and press rights.
    Read Tinker v. Des Moines case.
    Do "Getting Involved" question #1. 
    Also, how would you have voted if you were a Supreme Court justice, and why.
    Also, write about ways you have seen students express themselves in school, or ways in EHS they have been prohibited from expressing themselves.

    Thurs., 12/5: nothing to make up

    Weds.,  12/4: Get and do 7.2; show me when done or check it with a friend.

    Get the Supreme Court case summary on W.VA. v. Barnette, 1943.
    • Write what led up to the case being in the Supreme Court.
    • Answer question #1.
    • Write how you would have decided if you were on the Supreme Court then.
    • Add anything else incl. your thoughts on our saying the pledge before 1st hour; and if it promotes patriotism.

    Tues., 12/3Activity: In groups of up to four: Google, then read the Bill of Rights of another country you're interested in.

    JOURNAL (You may have the same words as your group members)
    • Style/language/length differences you notice?
    • Any rights the other country has listed that we don't? Would you like them added to ours?
    • Any rights that our Bill has that they're missing?
    • Which are stronger, the similarities between our Bill and theirs, or the differences? Explain.
    • Any advice/questions you would have for people there, about their rights?

    WEEK FOUR (4)

    Tues., 11/26: Colonial House episode 05 LINK
    also here:

    Mon., 11/25:
    Get and do 7.1 about RIGHTS in general, and the 14th specifically. Show me when done.

    JOURNAL: Read the Bill of Rights (first 10 amendments to the Constitution).
    • Write things you notice about it.
    • These could be very boring observations; or things you find interesting or odd, like rights you didn't know of, or ways things are worded. Or, how things are grouped. Or something that is not included.
    • For some of the things you notice, take a guess as to why it is that way.
    • Or think of some questions you still have about the Bill. 

    WEEK THREE (3)

    Fri., 11/22
    Get and do 7.1 about RIGHTS in general, and the 14th specifically. Show me when done.

    • What do you think is meant by the word "rights"? (I.e., What IS a "right"?)
    • In your opinion, are they God-given? Or thought-up by human beings? 
    • Try to remember as many Constitutional rights as you can ("freedom of . . ." or "no . . . .")
    • Are there some rights you think should be added/removed/modified?

    Thurs., 11/21; TEST

    Journal (5th and 6th Hours only)
    Thoughts and implications about any news story today on CNN or one you've heard recently. 
    OR: about any trade of time, energy, effort or $ (called a "purchase") lately: was it a good trade or not? Why?

    Tues., 11/19: 
    • Study Guide for Thurs. short-test on 6.1-2
    • Practice sheet
    • JOURNAL (1st HOUR ONLY) 
    Thoughts and implications about any news story today on CNN or one you've heard recently. 
    OR: about any trade of time, energy, effort or $ (called a "purchase") lately: was it a good trade or not? Why?

    Mon., 11/18: 
    Go on youtube (link below, last Weds.) and watch the last 1/3 of the film, beginning right after the Supreme Court part.

    Pick and choose from among the following:
    • What is your opinion on the Supreme Court’s "Gideon" decision (poor people get a free lawyer, in order for justice to occur)?
    • What do you think of the Court's "remedy" (a retrial)? They could have released 5,000 people or just ordered free lawyers "from now on." Do you think a retrial was double-jeopardy?
    • If Gideon had been guilty, would that affect your opinion of the Supreme Court’s decision?
    • What do you suppose "trumpet" in the title "Gideon's Trumpet" refers to?
    • Give an overall review of the movie. Give it a letter grade or stars compared to most other school movies and explain.

    WEEK TWO (2)

    Thurs.. 11/14 Gideon Day Two
    Go to YouTube (see below) and watch segments 4-7 of "Gideon's Trumpet." (up through Supreme Court scenes)
    • How is the Supreme Court different from a trial court? What do you think of how it operates compared to a normal, trial court?
    • What do you think about nine unelected people (the justices) voting to decide what the Bill of Rights means? Good plan? Think of anything better?
    • More predictions?

    Weds., 11/13: Go to
    and watch the first 36 minutes or so up through Clarence Gideon's sending in his appeal to the Supreme Court.
    "Gideon's Trumpet Day One"
    • How would you have decided if you were on the jury, and why? 
    • What would be hard about defending oneself in court without a lawyer?
    Should people who can’t afford an attorney be given one by the taxpayers? Why/not?
    • Make some predictions about the case/film.

    Tues., Get 6.2, do and show me.

    Mon., Get and do 6.1 on the Judicial Branch.

    WEEK ONE (1)

    Thurs/Fri: nothing to make up

    Weds., 11/6; TEST on Executive Branch.

    Tues.,  11/5:
    LAST PRACTICE, on 5.3-4

    • Please compare how you are with money and spending to how our nation is with it. 
    • Do you over-spend and get in debt? 
    • Or stay "within your means"? Why do you suppose you are that way? 
    • Try writing about any experience you have had with planning/budgeting of your money, even if just an informal plan/goal.

    Mon., 11/4:
    Get STUDY GUIDE for Weds.'s Test.

    Look over your prospectus. Write lots of thoughts and words about how Q1 went.
    Feel free to write about Q2 too. 

    WEEK NINE (9)

    Fri., 11/1: Get 5.4 about the federal budget and taxes. Do and show me. Also, get a free pie chart about how USA spends our money.

    Thurs., 10/31:
    Get instructions from yellow box and JOURNAL according to instructions.

    Weds., 10/30: Get and do infosheet 5.3 about the federal bureaucracy. Do and show me when done.
    JOURNAL: What are the most important personal qualities you think are necessary for a president to have (e.g, intelligence, maturity, tenacity, humor, honesty, normalcy, morality, etc, etc.)? 
    From what you can tell, give Mr. Trump numerical ratings in the characteristics you consider most important.
    Give him an overall rating (Letter, stars, etc.) as a president so far.

    Tues., 10/29: Get and do info sheet 5.2 on the electoral college.

    Mon., 10/28: Turn the page. WRITE "WEEK NINE"
    From what you know, would you like to be President? ($400k/year; travel; pension; secret service for life; commander of US military; tons of $ via speeches in retirement)
    Pros and cons of the job?
    Would you be a good one? Etc.

    WEEK EIGHT (8)

    Fri., 10/25: Colonial House episode three HERE.

    Thurs.,  10/24: TEST on 4.1-3
    Pick a news story from today or a recent one you somehow know of. (E.g. MI's legislature maybe getting rid of licenses to carry a handgun; US out of Syria, Russia more powerful there; 2019 year of protests; Facebook starting up a new money; tumbleweed in Montana soccer game. . . .

    • Summarize in no more than two sentences.
    • Then, write about implications on the future: how the story can affect people's lives, your life, the economy, etc.
    • Or is it interesting but not really important?
    Repeat if necessary.

    Weds., 10/23: We did a last practice before tomorrow's test. 

    Tues.,  10/22: "open topic"
    Write about
    a) Any rules/law and enforcement you've interacted with lately. 
    b) Trade(s) you've made lately ($, effort, time, energy): what lost, what gained; was it a good trade?
    Rinse and repeat if necessary for your desired word count.

    Mon., 10/21: Get STUDY GUIDE FOR THURS.'s TEST

    Get and do 4.3. Show me when done.

    WEEK SEVEN (7)

    Fri.,  10/18: nothing to make up

    Thurs.,  10/17: Get and do: 4.2, Structure of Congress; do and show me.
    JOURNAL: Being a legislator (Rep or Senator): 
    • Would this, for you, be an awesome job? Or a horror? Or merely "ok"? Why? 
    • From what you see, what would be especially good/fun? Or horrific? Why?
    • If running in elections would be the dealbreaker for you, what about being a paid staffer or aide for a legislator?

    JOURNAL: Rules and laws usually restrict or limit people's or companies' behavior. 
    • Can you think of any new rules/laws we should have, either as a school, community, state, or country? Explain.
    • Can you think of any rules/laws that should be eliminated? How would such an elimination be for the common good?
    • What is your least favorite rule or law of all time? Explain.

    Tues., 10/15: Get 4.1 on legislative branch basics; do and show me.

    Mon., 10/14: nothing to make up

    Week (6)

    Tues - Thurs., nothing to make up

    Mon.,  TEST on 3.1-3

    WEEK FIVE (5)

    Fri., 10/4: Get last practice before

    Thurs., 10/3: Get and do 3.3; show me.


    If you were at a Constitutional Convention in 2021 to write a new one, which one or two principles of the eight you just learned about would be most important to include in a new constitution? Explain why.
    • Which one or two could you live without, IF you had to? Explain?
    • Any other thoughts you have on the principles people find in the real constitution we've been using for 231 years now.

    Weds.,  10/2: Get and do 3.2, read and show me.


    JOURNAL: about fights/conflicts you've had. 

    What prompted them?
    How'd they resolve?
    Compare YOUR fights to the fight between Federalists and Anti-Federalists.

    Tues.,  10/1: Get and do Constitution chart.

    Mon., 9/30: Get  3.1 on the Constitutional Convention; read, do, and show me ASAP.

    Write "Week Five"
    Write about when you've had to make compromises and how they went; compare yours to the ones made at the Constitutional Convention.

    WEEK FOUR (4)

    Fri., 9/27:
    JOURNAL: would you enjoy being in the Colonial House experiment? Explain.
    How well do you think you would do at it?
    How about actually living then (1600s-1700s) IF you didn't know about life now in awesome 2019?

    Thurs.,  9/26 LINK to Colonial House Ep 01
    LINK to CBS news full episodes, then click on yesterday's (9/25) and show the first segments about impeachment.

    Weds., 9/25: TEST on HISTORY STUFF.
    LINK to CBS evening news.

    Tues.,  9/24: Get and do big practice sheet for Weds.'s TEST.

    Mon., 9/23: Get Study Guide for Weds.'s TEST
    Do 2.4 on the Articles of Confederation. Do and show me.


    During debates over the Declaration, John Dickinson said leaving Britain would be leaving all sorts of great tradition and the greatest empire on earth. Ben Franklin said Americans were a new race needing a new nation.
    • Which do you think is the better argument and why?
    • Was fighting for independence from Britain "treason" or "patriotism"?
    • Knowing yourself and your personality, would you have been a Loyalist (stay with Britain) or a Patriot (fight for independence)?
    • Would you have stayed true to your opinion EVEN IF it meant losing your property and/or life?

    WEEK THREE (3)

    Fri.,  9/20: Homecoming Friday, nothing to make up.

    Thurs., 9/19: JOURNAL: After reading the Declaration of Independence:
    Notice some things and make some observations about the Declaration.
    Think some thoughts. Perhaps about . . .
    • its ideas
    • its writing
    • the look/layout/feel
    • the signers/signatures
    • does it make you feel anything, why/not?

    Weds., 9/18: Get and do 2.3 about the Declaration of Independence and show me.
    Show me when done.

    • How would it go for you if you went home today, listed some complaints you have against your parents, and then declared your independence from them?
    • If you became independent, what would be your next actions to take?
    • What would be some advantages if you declared independence from your parents/guardian and lived on your own?
    • Disadvantages?

    Tues.,  9/17:
    Get and do  2.2. Show me.
    JOURNAL: You're a 34-year-old principal of a high school. What you care about most is student learning and achievement!
    Your school has never done Homecoming festivities like ours. Your student council describes it to you and asks if they can do a Homecoming this year.
    • What do you see as the advantages and disadvantages of Homecoming on student learning outcomes?

    • Would you go for it?
    • Why or why not?
    • And what would be the challenges of governing a high school during such a week?

    Mon., 9/16: Do second practice on English history and John Locke.
    Watch THIS.

    WEEK TWO (2)

    Fri., 9/13: Read powerpoint on English history (through John Locke). Get and do 2.1 about English history that shaped how we do government in 'Murica.  Show me ASAP. No journal.

    Thurs., 9/12: HEY, look:

    JOURNAL: Finish watching North Korea documentary, link below.
    Our constitution speaks of insuring domestic tranquility, securing liberty, and promoting the general welfare.
    Give your opinion and specific examples to support yourself . . .
    • Compared to the US, how does N Korea seem to do at "domestic tranquility" (law and order, orderliness within the nation)?
    • Compared to the US, how does N Korea seem to do at promoting its people's welfare?
    • Compared to the US, how does N Korea seem to do at guaranteeing people's liberty?
    • Anything else you want to say about NK. . .

    Weds., 9/11: LINK to North Korea video. Watch first half or so.
    Think-pair-share: What is MOST different about N Korea compared to USA? Is anything similar?

    Tues., 9/10: QUIZ on 1.1-1.2. MAke up through Tues., 9/17 before or after school.
    Read article on China giving its people social scores.
    Watch THIS.

    Mon., 9/9: Get and do handwritten practice sheet on forms of government.
    Quiz on 1.1 and 1.2 coming on Tues.

    Write "Week Two"
    Democracy (where all or most of the people somehow make the rules):
    • Advantages (as opposed to dictatorships)?
    • Disadvantages (as opposed to dictatorships)?
    • Which are stronger, the advantages or disadvantages, and why do you think so?
    • Two super-important things in society are education and the military; why do you suppose we don't do democracy in those two hugely-important areas?

    WEEK ONE (1)

    Fri., 9/6:
    Get and do 1.2 about different forms of government. Show me when done.

    Monday day at the start of first hour, Mrs. Griebel says, 
    "For a social experiment, today no school rules and procedures are in effect."
    • Describe how that day goes, here at good ol' EHS.
    • ! People still can’t violate state laws. So they must attend and remain at school, and people can’t hurt each other or steal stuff, etc. But there are no school rules for a day.
    • Consider classes, learning, lunch, general behavior, hallways, etc. etc.

    Thurs., 9/5;
    Get sheet about how to journal.

    Do people really need governing (controlling/limiting)?
    (In other words, do rules and enforcement make people act better?)
    • OR: Could people pretty much act well and cooperate nicely without rules/laws?
    • OR: Or is it a bit of both?
    • Think of any behaviors from speeding to tardies to murder, and all points in between.
    • !! SUPPORT !! your point of view with real examples you have seen or know of from history or other disciplines.

    Weds., 9/4:  Get and do 1.1. Show me it when you are done. What fun.

    TUES., 9/3: Get and do "7 Stupid Rules."
    Also get and do the Q1 Prospectus.
    Show me both when done.