Govt/Econ: You will learn the Michigan High School Content Expectations in civics and economics.
We will do civics (government) mainly in semester one.
We will do economics in semester two before the SAT/MME test in early April.

After that you will learn about state and local governments and about real-life economics.

Psych: You will get a good overall introduction to the methods and findings of the field of psychology.


Your quarter (term) grade is determined on a percentage-of-total-points basis. The standard Escanaba District grading scale applies.

Roughly half your grade will come from work, half from tests/quizzes. I'll arrange the points so they work out about right. You'll receive 3% extra for doing in-class ungraded work and practice, assuming you regularly work. If you do not, you'll receive less, or nothing.

Work will consist of journaling three or four times per week on a topic; see instructions elsewhere on this site. Work will also include larger writing assignments and projects. Late work (not ready when it is called for, even if just in your locker) will be docked 10% each day, unless you were excused absent. Tests/quizzes may be made up -- assuming you're excused absent -- within one week. They must be done before or after school. Not lunch. Tell me when you'll come in, to make sure I don't have a meeting then.

Your semester grade will be 40% from each quarter, 20% from the semester exam.

Information on extra credit is available via a tab above.